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Puppy Application

Thank you for expressing interest in Cotton Country Doodles. Once we receive your puppy application we will promptly notify you to let you know you have been approved. The deposit is not required until we have connected and found out more about your particular puppy wishes. Once approved we require a $500.00 deposit in order to place your name on the Reservation List. The deposit is non-refundable but is transferrable to a future litter.


We are hoping to welcome you to our Cotton Country Doodles Tribe! 

Pricing varies based on color!

Starting PRICES


Start @ $2,000


Start @ $2,000

Double Doodles

Start @ $2,000

Golden Mountain Doodles

Start @ $2,000

8% SC sales tax added to total price

Do you have children?
Are the dogs in your house neutered or spayed?
Does anyone in your household have allergies?
Are you interested in Cotton Blossom stork hand delivery to your home?

Thank you for filling out this application and taking the time to show interest in our special little cotton soft puppies!

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