Lovely Ladies

Puppies expected approximately early 2022, EXCITING!!


Miss Mathilda

Mini Tri-Color F1B Bernedoodle

Miss Mathilda is an agility specialist and loves dipping her paws in our pool tanning ledge even in the cold. She has an amazing high jump into the pool to retrieve her ball and absolutely loves playing fetch on land, perfectly dropping the ball in your hands. She makes lovey eyes at you and absolutely loves to give high fives, she is our high five specialist here at Cotton Country. Mathilda loves walks and going to the Downtown River Walk. She loves to cuddle and kiss her people. She is also a professional sock thief. 

Miss Ruby

Mini Tri-Color F1B Bernedoodle

Miss Ruby is a sweet and caring pup. She has beautiful dark brown eyes. Ruby was very tiny when she was a little pup. She loves to cuddle and is very affectionate. She enjoys sitting down in your lap. She is so adorable! She is very social with other dogs and people. Ruby really loves attention and always wants to be included in snuggles. She loves to run and I mean a fast runner. She likes to be chased by Max (her furry brother), but Max cannot catch her. She has mastered basic commands like sit, stay, and lay down and is so good with tricks such as paw & high five. She knows how to ring the bell when she needs to go out. Ruby is a fast learner and is very clever. Ruby is so glad to be here with us! Ruby also carries the Special Roan gene and some of her pups coats may be speckled, hooray!


Miss Roxy

Standard Chocolate Merle F1BB Goldendoodle

Dear Little Roxy has brought a lot of enjoyment to our family. She loves her brother Ruddy tremendously, always looking for him to run in the yard and goes non-stop like an olympic star.

A little water lover is she in her yard size pool and sprinkle of course. When she gets in our pontoon boat, she feels like the captain. She also loves her daily walk every evening while people stop and tell her she's gorgeous with all her different colors. Roxy loves this and they want to take her home.

She's very intelligent doing tricks and gets smarter every day. Roxy has brought great companionship to Ruddy and lots of love to our family.

Miss Tippy

F2B Mini Red Sable Bernedoodle

Tippy is a sassy and outgoing little lady, brave and very surprising. She once ate a dragonfly as a baby in one gulp 😳

She loves her humans and stays close by. She is very funny making you laugh when she is with you. She loves being with her fur friends and her humans just as much. She is very agile and jumps on the trampoline and is a future scooter rider, for sure. Her red sable colors are very rare and oh so beautiful. She loves her big sister, Cora the Doberman. She is the first to get into trouble and the first to be right by your side 🤣


Miss Molly Grace

Mini White with Black Merle F1 Cockapoo

Molly Grace loves kids and is very playful. She loves her car rides, lazy days outside, and watching TV. She is such a great companion and greets you at the door everyday with the happiest wagging tail.


Molly Grace has beautiful eyes, one being blue. She would be the ultimate smiley greeter at the happiest place on earth, Disney 😃 🐾 ❤️


Miss Teddi (Theodora)

Mini Red F1B Goldendoodle

Teddy is a super sweet and extremely smart doodle that loves to play fetch in and out of the pool. She loves to swim! She loves to be social and loves meeting new friends.


She loves catching blueberries for treats and loves to jump on the trampoline. She is a beautiful deep red color that stuns everyone everywhere we go. You simply can not fall in love with Teddi, very charming.


Miss Millie

Standard Chocolate Merle F1BB Goldendoodle

Millie is definitely one of a kind. She is the sweetest girl with the best personality. She weighs 74 lbs and thinks she is a lap dog. Lol. She loves to cuddle, watch TV, and stare at herself in the mirror. She likes to go outside and bask in the sun. She likes to play with her humans as well as our Bailey (boy Goldendoodle).


She loves stuffed animals and sleeps with one partly in her mouth…she is the the cutest thing. She definitely has a sassy personality and thinks she is the boss. She has the prettiest color coat and is truly gorgeous! We love our Millie girl!  ❤️