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Stud Muffins


Mr. Tucker Cotton Carlson

Mini Tri-Color F1B Bernedoodle

Tucker has the sweetest, chill personality and is always right under your chair or close to you. He loves to be held and loves to do zoomies in the yard having the time of his life. Tucker has the prettiest Tricolor markings and colors and sweet personality to match. He never makes trouble & is a paw-fect dog child. He loves the water and loves the bubbler and is a regular swimmer in the pool. He came straight from doggy heaven ☁️

Mr. Beau Dean

Mini Phantom Tux F1BB Bernedoodle

Mr Beau Dean has quite the personality.  He enjoys his toys and playing with his big brother, Finn (Standard F1B Goldendoodle).  They both enjoy the outdoors and a good tussle between them!  Beau is small in size but he loves BIG!  He is definitely a dog that enjoys people.  He follows his human family around, loves to cuddle and be held.  Most nights you will find him curled up in bed and waiting for his humans. He is also BFFs with our very own Cotton Country Doodles, 18 years young cat.

captain grown.jpeg

Mr. Captain Finn

Standard Cream F1B Goldendoodle

He is the sweetest and very laid back. He loves to have his belly scratched and will nudge your hand until you give him a scratch.
He loves to go to work everyday at Marshalls Marine and plays with his other dog coworkers Bull and Captain.
He loves the beach and running and playing with his humans in his backyard.
He lays in the most awkward positions but loves to sleep like this.
He is very protective and an excellent guard dog.
He is very curious and loves children and other dogs. If something is eye level it’s fair game 😆

We love our Captain Finn 💓 😍

Mr. Oakes

Mini Merle F1B Bernedoodle

Mr. Oakes always has a smile on his face & ready for adventure. He loves taking walks on the beach, car riding, & fetching ball. His eyes are piercing & he gets so many compliments on his beautiful Merle coat, he is a dreamboat both inside & out.

Oakes Cover

Mr. Max

Mini Tri Sable Poodle

This Mini Poodle is a lot of love in a tiny body. He fiercely loves his humans and is very skeptical of new humans in his space. He loves running outside chasing balls and children. He gives hugs and sugars but then wants his own space to lounge in. Not a lap pup as one may think, but he sticks close. He’s laid back and loves naps. He has the cutest little legs and stocky body that radiates his excitement and love for attention. His puppies will be amazing and we can’t wait!

Mr. Pongo

Mini Parti F1B Goldendoodle

Mr. Pongo is full of life and all boy. He absolutely loves to swim even though he doesn't swim very well, he enjoys his daily swims. Pongo has so much love energy it touches everyone he meets. He loves being social and going to Doodles Girls soccer games. He also loves his tug toy on his tree here @cottoncountrydoodles. His happiness & enthusiasm is contagious, and he makes you want to do what he is doing because it looks so much fun. For example, I find myself playing with the bubbler in the pool or joining in with him splashing the water. This guy is full of FUN!

Pongo Glam.jpg
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