Upcoming Litters

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Theodora (Teddi), Pongo & Draco litter will be Mini Multigenerational Golden Mountain Doodles/Goldendoodles.

Miss Teddi is a Mini F1B Red Goldendoodle.
Mr. Pongo is a Mini Parti Goldendoodle.

Mr. Draco is a Micro Mini Red Merle Abstract F1B Bernedoodle.

Puppies will be Red, Apricot, Cream, Tan, Abstract & Parti with possible hidden Merle traits like blue eyes with Wavy & Curly Coats.

This litter is Dual Sired which means the puppies may be Pongo's (Goldendoodles) or Draco's (Golden Mountain Doodles).

The puppies will be estimated to weigh approximately 15-30 pounds all grown up.

Litter planned approximately October 2022!