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While cuddles, quality food & training are important, do you know ‘HOW TO’ enjoy The Longest-Healthiest life you’re your pup?
Feed HIGH quality food and supplement with NuVet Plus.

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Pet Wellness

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WHY NuVet:

When you build strong immunity and boost nutrition early on, you help protect your pet from environmental toxins, additives in topical products, & preservatives found in most foods/treats!!!

WHAT you can do:

  1. FEED High quality food & treats.  NOT sourced in China or filled with sugar and chemicals.

  2. SUPPLEMENT with NuVet Plus Immune booster to PROTECT your pet,  NOURISH w/ 30 nutrients which help slow aging, support skin and coat health,  and remove toxins.

  3. Provide PURE water (many municipal water supplies are high in chlorine etc.) AND use stainless bowls vs plastic or ceramic which leeches in water

  4. AVOID chemicals in food, treats AND around your home:  Pesticides, lawn chemicals, cleaners.  These are believed to be as the #1 cause of the increase in pet cancer

Of all the items you purchase, a strong immune system is #1 : Dogs “first line of defense”.

PROTECT your puppy & order before go-home day:   

(They offer auto ship so it’s easy and affordable:  $16 a month to KEEP your pup healthy and happy for years to come)


NOURISH with NuVet and enjoy THE BEST life with your fur-baby!



WHY do I want this:

  • Early immune and Nutrition Support = longer healthier life with their fur-baby!

  • $20/month + it’s the daily treat!!

  • Mom and puppies already on it

  • Helps pups transition to their new homes easier….less stress diarrhea, supports appetite, etc.


WHY NuVet:

  • Human grade, Made in the US

  • Cold pressed, no additives = better absorption, no nutrient loss!

  • 24 years in business, Perfect safety record

 Keep your Cotton soft fur-baby on NuVet throughout their lifetime for a longer healthier life!

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