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Life's Abundance is the only pet food company to have been given 2 accolades from Forbes! The founder of Life's Abundance, Dr. Jane has earned 3 Presidential Citations!

Life’s Abundance is of the highest quality nutrition for dogs that are made in small batches to ensure fresher, safer and more nutritious dog food. Dogs also eat less food because of its nutrition content.


I did the Life’s Abundance Puppy Dog Challenge. Pups prefer 7 of of 7. (Trust me I have enough to do test trials, ha) Try it! Put your current puppy dog food in a bowl. Then put Life’s Abundance food in a bowl next to your current puppy dog food. Let your dog choose! Always Life’s Abundance! 🐾


Not only did my dogs absolutely prefer Life’s Abundance but I immediately saw a difference in their coat and stool.


This is a paramount of our breeding program to raise healthy quality puppies, lovely ladies and our handsome stud muffins. Actually every puppy dog in our house prefers Life’s Abundance.


Life’s Abundance has been a lifesaver in many breeding programs that I exchange ideas with. Life’s Abundance has made a huge difference in better quality reproductive systems, more milk production and healthier puppies overall.


I highly recommend the best quality nutrition throughout your entire puppy dogs life.

This is super incredible!!


Also it comes in All Life Stages so your puppy through senior pup can eat the same exact food, extra plus ❤️