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The Notebook Litter

Junie B. & Pongo’s litter is here!
Medium Multigenerational Double Doodles

Miss Junie B. is a Small Standard F1BB Chocolate Merle

Mr. Pongo is a Mini Parti Goldendoodle.


Puppies will have Curly & Wavy Coats.

The puppies will be estimated to weigh approximately 30-50 pounds all grown up.

Pricing 2,800

Willow, Anne & Finn 2,400

Sooo Exciting!!!!!!

Available to go home!


Hamilton has incredible blocks of grey parti throughout his body and one whole leg is grey and one whole leg white. He appears that he potentially may have baby blue eyes as well. Hamilton loves his people & puppies. 



Noah has a precious little speckled nose with stunning Merle markings on both sides of his face & ears with a kiss of Merle on the top of his backside! Noah is playful & eager to seek out new attention from our other Socializer big pups. 

Noah 2.jpg


Calhoun is already keeping secrets & looks as if he got kissed on the side of his mouth with a black lipstick spot, so cute! Calhoun is beautifully marked with black & white with one of his legs being black & one of his legs being white. He has a super cute white stripe on his forehead. Calhoun & Duke are best buds & always the closest and fooling & playing together. Calhoun is super sweet & friendly & loves affection.



Selma is a beautifully marked white & black parti girl & has the curliest coat of the litter. She has the cutest white curly stripe on her forehead that looks like a river on a map. Miss Selma has a sweet & caring personality and loves to be held by her humans.

Selma 4.jpg
Selma 2.jpg
Selma 3.jpg
Selma 1.jpg


Willow is a beautiful black girl with a white beard & chest to match. Willow is the second smallest of the litter. Miss Willow is very adaptable to any situation & loves to observe then fully enjoy every moment to the fullest. What a sweetheart & an old soul!!!

Willow 5.jpg
Willow 4.jpg
Willow 1.jpg
Willow 3.jpg


Anne is a beautiful black girl with crazy loads of white on her chest, beard & THE cutest white mustache to match. Anne loves reassurance from her humans & has a calm, gentle & loving manner. Miss Anne is the smallest of her litter & her brother Duke is double the size of tiny Miss Anne. 

Anne 2.jpg
Anne 1.jpg
Anne 3.jpg


Finn is a beautiful black boy with a ton of white on his chest, beard, paws & a whisper of white above his cute little nose. Finn has THE cutest puppy dog eyes that will steal your heart forever. Finn is a laid-back & super happy puppy.