Find your furry Bernedoodle, Goldendoodle, Double Doodle, Golden Mountain Doodle or Cockapoo puppy!
Let Your Puppy Love Blossom! 

We are in love with the Doodle & excited for you to become part of The Cotton Country Doodles Tribe!
It would be an honor to partner with you to find your sweet bundle of pup joy!

The Bernedoodle

The Goldendoodle

Double Doodle 




Golden Mountain Doodle

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Health Tested 

Our purpose is to find the absolute best puppy for you by having all parents extensively health tested by performing Genetic & Health testing prior to planning each litter. We travel with each parent to Reproductive Specialist Veterinarians to ensure their well-being and health is our top priority. We also work with local Fallen Oaks Farm to provide the puppies with goat's milk which is loaded with probiotics to boost their immune system.

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Our Special Focus

We are absolutely in love with the Mini, Medium and Standard sized Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, Double Doodles, Golden Mountain Doodles & Cockapoos. We focus on breeding the best non-shedding and most hypoallergenic features from only the most excellent breeding lines for our Cotton Country puppies. This often helps to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions for many owners. The benefit of knowing your pet’s heritage can help you be more informed about their traits, like how much they shed. We want to match you with the perfect puppy and find out more about your specific puppy wishes to let your puppy love blossom.

Cotton Country Doodles also focuses on raising the most unique and stunning color variations for a one of a kind furry baby, making your doodle so magnificent to choose from here at Cotton Country Doodles. Get ready to get compliments galore from the local pet store and prepare to be stopped on your afternoon walks in the neighborhood to ask about your paw-fect puppy dog.

Cotton Country Doodles Stork Delivery

We also further our commitment to customers to hand deliver your new bundle of pup joy to your doorstep via our Cotton Blossom Stork delivery option. Our babies will get to your loving home while minimizing exposure to germs while keeping your puppy safe and comfortable.


What We Offer

We believe that owners deserve to experience trust, confidence and transparency when searching for their new, furry companions. We breed only the finest and extensively health tested doodles.

  • Extensively Health Tested Parents

  • 2 Year Health Guarantee

  • Deworming

  • Microchipped 

  • Lifetime Support of our Cotton Country Doodle Tribe

  • Blanket with Scent of Mama & Littermates

  • Bag of Puppy Food

  • Vet Health Checked

  • 1st Set of Immunizations

  • Cotton Country Doodle Doggie Going Home Bag

  • Spay/Neuter Contract

We would be honored to partner with you to find your best friend for life.